We need to build a wall! (Or maybe just a half wall)

After many, many months of perusing through countless DIY and recipe blogs all of which have been extremely helpful in my ongoing efforts to remodel my own house, I thought to myself, “Why don’t contribute my real time experiences in DIY home remodel, while occasionally sharing my meal, dessert, and snack recipes to the interwebs.” I hope to be just as resourceful as the blogs I frequent have been and are for me. With that said, I am currently working on a project in my house that involves wainscoting.

The layout of my house is a bit awkward so I have been trying to make it as functional as it can be. Currently, my husbands office is in a section of what would probably be the “formal living room” of a house. You know, the place where no one ever really sits in or uses, it’s just a really fancy living room with no television. This room will eventually be an office/media room that we would like to have also function as a guest bedroom, if need be.

The room used to have two openings leading into it, as you can see from the below photo. This is a view of the room as you are looking into it.


We have two dogs and one of the dogs always went in the room and peed on the carpet. Also, we bought a white couch to put in the room and our other dog was starting to get it a little dirty, so we thought enough was enough and we needed to somehow enclose the room or make it inaccessible for the dogs. My solution was to create and half wall/pony wall in one opening and eventually have barn doors in the other opening.

First, I wanted to open up the doorway of this area, so I knocked down the header on the right of this pic below.


and the top of this pic below


This was the mess it was to knock it down.



This is what it looked like with the header finally out. I think this is a load bearing wall but it had a double top plate, so I just removed the lower plate….and my house is still standing so I think I’m good.


I had initially framed up a wall to cover the whole opening but then it darkened the room way too much so, I decided a half wall would be good to put in here. This is the have wall framed up and drywalled.


Then, I started placing the wainscoting on the wall. I decided to go with a recessed panel wainscoting. I put 1/4 in piece of plywood on the wall first since my walls are textured.


The rest are my progress pictures of the half wall







For the past 3-4 weeks (mainly weekends, or when my schedule permits) I have been trying to finish the wainscoting and casing of the openings. Hopefully I can post the final product here soon. I will post details on how I did my wainscoting and door casings soon.

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